Annual General Meeting 2023

Notice of AGM

36th Annual General Meeting of the Veterinary Professional Insurance Society (Inc) 8 March 2023.


  1. Confirmation of quorum
  2. Welcome
  3. Apologies
  4. Confirmation of Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting
  5. Chairman’s Report
  6. Financial Report
    1. Adoption of Annual Accounts for the Year Ended 30 September 2022
    2. Confirmation of appointment of auditor for 2023 year end (Deloitte)
  7. General business
  8. Venue for 2024 Annual General Meeting

Proxy form

Annual Report - 2022 (available shortly)

Voting at the AGM

Ordinary Members (Practice Principals/Directors) are eligible to vote at the AGM. Those who wish to vote must be identifiable by name on the Zoom.

If you are unable to attend the AGM but would still like to vote for the constitutional changes, please contact Trish Thorpe on

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